Antique Rug Restoration
Expert Oriental Rug Restoration

Restore your precious rug to its original splendour and retain its original value

At Royal Antique Rugs we ensure that your rug is restored to its original splendour with no loss in value. In fact, restoration of your oriental rug only increases its long-term value.

It takes a highly skilled professional to restore a damaged oriental rug to its original beautiful condition. The greatest care must be taken in the treatment of any hand knotted carpet.

Our restoration skills include the reweaving of damaged areas and bald spots, repairing of tears and holes, dealing with water, rot and moth damage, and the restoration of lost designs, fringes, selvages and binding.

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Professional Oriental Rug Restoration


Rug Cleaning Toronto

Traditional Rug Cleaning by hand with only natural shampoos.


Rug Stain Removal & Cleaning

Traditional Removal of stubborn stains to preserve rug.


Antique Rug Appraisals

Appraise your rug by professionals who know the business.