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"My mother’s family rug had been rolled up and stored for many years, so I was not sure what shape it would be in when I moved it here. David of Royal Antique Rugs was highly recommended as an expert in the cleaning and restoration of antique rugs.
His initial visit fully supported this. David arrived in a timely manner and demonstrated a passion for his work. His professional demeanor was knowledgeable and detail-oriented: he spread the rug over the floor to enable a thorough assessment. He then explained what he was seeing, what could be repaired and what could not. So, I was assured that he was the perfect person with whom to trust my heirloom rug.
The results far exceeded my expectations. David delivered on every promise: timeliness of delivery, repairs to moth eaten as well as worn sections, replaced edging and trim - and the colours are amazing! It is a piece of art on the floor. And, David cared enough to take the time to position it in the room to maximize its beauty.
Last week I unfortunately dropped an entire cup of tea on one corner, an area including the trim, the edging and a restored section. It cleaned up so remarkably that visitors looking at it cannot tell an accident occurred.
This rug brings life to my current home, and it reminds me of times with family in the past. An excellent investment! My sincere thanks to the team at Royal Antique Rugs."
Sheila in Brockville

"We have had our area rugs cleaned and repaired on two occasions. We have been totally satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and the end result. My carpets have been returned to their original splendour. The staff is friendly and most accommodating. The end result is well worth the price."
Mary Lynn Richardson

"A+ for the quality of service and the information regarding the history of our four carpets. Thank you very much for your care and attention to detail. In our opinion Royal Antique Rugs in the top firm in this field."
Bill and Erica Van Loon

"A big thank you to David of Royal Antique Rugs for the absolutely wonderful restoration.. our little dog was sick and therefore left stains, I tried to remove using recommended "safe" cleaners which only made it worse. Colours bled and the stains enlarged. When David returned our rug it was beautiful and in no way could we detect the area that had been worked on.. David is an honest, highly skilled professional. We have purchased and will continue to purchase these gorgeous works of art ONLY FROM DAVID OF ROYAL ANTIQUE RUGS... He is honest and very, very patient..We thank you and appreciate all you have done for us David."
Allan and Linda of Prince Edward County, ON

"As a professional in the textile field, I was cautious. There are many individuals claiming to be restorers who actually approach historic rugs and textiles as if they are darning sox. David's work and knowledge is far beyond this simplistic approach. His restorations are of such quality even I have a great deal of difficulty discerning, which is original and what is not. Combined with his great technical abilities is an extensive knowledge of carpets and textiles from the Middle East and around the world. Last but most important, David Bakhshi in all my dealings with him has always been fair and honest. I never hesitate to recommend him to any who call me at the museum and need work done on any type of rug or carpet."
Margaret Ballantyne BFA, MFA Conservator, Textile Museum of Canada

"My appreciation for the very professional and impressive work you have done. I inspected the restored rugs yesterday. When I sent it to you, it was a severely damaged antique rug with more than 20 holes in it and various other damages, including discoloration. When you returned it to me, it was a beautiful, fully restored carpet. We could not even detect which area you had worked on! I am very grateful for the high level of art which has gone into this restoration project. We agree with the verdict of the Royal Ontario Museum. You are the best!"
Hans Jansen, B.B.A., M.B. A., Toronto

"Dear David,
This is the first opportunity I have had to tell you how much I appreciated your efforts to complete the work on my four rugs. Your workmanship is superb! The one Heriz rug that needed extensive work -- it is hard to find where the damage even existed! Thank you for renewing these wonderful rugs. I will highly recommend Royal Rugs to everyone."
Yours sincerely,

Susan M.

"My husband and I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our carpet. We really felt it was past saving with so many stains and marks on it. The carpet came back to us just like it was brand new. It is so rare today for a job to come back to you better than promised. We cannot thank you enough. "
Warmest Regards,

Alison & Brad Smith

"How pleased we are with the conservation work you did on our rugs from the Weitzenhoffer Collection... we were all extremely impressed with the amount of work you completed is such a short time... it is comforting to know that with your fine restoration work, they will last much longer."
Kimberly Moinette, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma ...

"Mr. Bakhshi (David) is a great artist when concerning repair and restoration of Persian handmade antique rugs. His workmanship and expertise are highly praised and frequently requested by many members of our association."
Zia Khosroshahi, Ph. D. President, Association of Importers and Retailers of Persian Rugs of Canada

"Thanks (Textile Museum of Canada) for recommending Royal Antique Rugs for the repair of our Lilihan rug. Mr. David Lotfl made useful suggestions as to what was needed and gave us a better appreciation of the rug's quality. And as you anticipated, he did a superb job."
Shirley Morriss, Toronto

"Our rug from Pakistan had a red wine spill from a New Years eve dinner. We were devastated but it was cleaned beautifully and now looks as clean as when we bought it 15 years ago. Service was superb."
Dr. Dale Mercer, Kingston

"I was desperate!! My rugs were in need of cleaning BADLY. I called David and he came and took my rugs for cleaning. He had to clean them 2x as he was not pleased the first time. When he delivered my rugs and showed them to me, I was AMAZED!! They looked like NEW!! THANK YOU for such a professional job!!"
Jane Lyon

"Wow! The whole experience was extremely pleasurable from beginning to end! Thanks David, to you! The rugs came back cleaned and repaired and now glowing! I just want to sit and enjoy them. Thanks again."
Claire Vilela

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